Yoga, in the perfect setting... Welcome to Amala Yoga, In a class with JM you will learn and grow in your Asnana practice as well as Pranyam and Meditation.  JM teaches all levels, from the beginner learning the language and the practice, to the intermediate mastering the postures and breath focus, to the advanced yogi having a deeper experience in the postures developing meditation in motion.   The style of practice JM teaches is Vinyasa, or flow yoga, based on the original Primary Series taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.  This is a healing form of yoga that offers the opportunity to create the 'diamond' body:  Strength, Flexibility, and physical Balance in a balanced relationship to each other.  Once the practitioner (student) is comfortable with the physical aspects, the Pranayam (breath) and Mindfullness (meditation) will open to the practitioner, and the mind body connection will be made. JM also specializes in Deep Relaxation classes including Restorative postures, Yin practices, and meditation guidance such as Progressive Relaxation and Yoga Nidra.  Pranayam (through deeper breath practices) guidance is also available. . 
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Jean-Marie Belzile, CYT   Jean-Marie, "JM", Belzile is a perpetual student.  With a background in Exercise Science and years of experience as a group Fitness Instructor and Lifestyle Coach offering guidance in bringing the body to a healthy balance, JM naturally found yoga. As a Yogi for over 20 years, JM originally studied her first 200hr program with Anahata Integrated Yoga Teacher Training after 10 years of self study.  The past four years has been a journey deeper into tantra under the tutelage of Asa Dustin and At Om Yoga.  "The shakti flow style of asana combined with mantra and guided visualization has truly resonated as a powerful sadhana!", JM It is from this practice and experience that JM guides her flows and open sadhana practices